Lucid Lights Mockups Stadium Model – This is a monochrome style unit in green, red, blue, white or yellow. The face has 16 LED’s spaced well, so that it fits in an adult's hand comfortably. This style is reprogrammable, but is sold pre-programmed appropriate for the venue for the customer's immediate use. It is sold in volumes to resellers for venues such as concerts, sporting events, fairs and festivals.

Children’s Novelty – This is a monochrome unit in orange, green, red, blue, white or yellow. It has 8 LED’s and fits comfortably in a child's hand. It uses simplified circuitry to create a very economical model for children to use for occasions such as Halloween, Fourth of July and New Year's Eve.

Walking Billboard – This is a full color unit using 16 or 32 LED’s to create an 'indoor' vs. 'outdoor' model. It is used as a billboard for advertising and has commercial applications. These ideally are sold at trade shows individually pre-programmed and fully reprogrammable.

Safety Unit – This is a full color unit with a more robust, waterproof casing, that comes with rechargeable batteries and a charging unit. It will be "UL approved." It acts as an emergency communication device for police officers (around accidents or as temporary traffic lights), fire fighters, other emergency and security personnel.

and that's just the beginning...