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So what are LucidLights ™?

* * * Watch these LucidLights™ prototypes in action, from innovative motion on Vimeo * * *

LucidLights ™ are hand held, oscillating light devices that use persistence of vision to paint bright images (text or graphic) in thin air, stopping people in their tracks with their novel brilliance!

Row by row, LED's are flashed in a pre-programmed pattern so quickly, that as it is swung, your eyes 'remember' the images flashed even though they are only being displayed for a millisecond. Using this visual phenomenon, LucidLights ™ has created a whole new way to communicate - light on air.

Advanced patent pending circuitry paints multiple animated images depending on the orientation of the swing. The four product lines include factory–programmable, user – programmable, monochrome, and full – color capabilities, each targeting specific market opportunities.

LucidLights™ have an amazing array of uses, are reprogrammable by their owners and are – by far – the most sophisticated products of their kind.

Last updated on: Friday, March 1, 2013
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